My Dog Leads Two Lives

My Dog Leads Two Lives
I've learned not to worry. I know he'll be back.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Omar Blue And The Puppys' Clubhouse


It's chilly tonight. Me and Ma are staying in. She's getting the snacks. I saw my marrow bone. I'm going to tell her some more about when I took my pack up into the mountains to see my canine kin.
She loves hearing about the puppies and this is one that had me and my friends amused for a good while.

They spend a lot of time trying to outsmart us elders. We love it. We want them to have all the fun they can but we watch them closely. We teach them how to survive in the dangerous wilderness. Above all, they have to learn how to protect themselves and each other. 
Here she is. "Thanks, Ma. Are you ready?"
"Just a second, Omar........Okay, I'm all set."
This is about my happy pack

what were those puppies up to

they were being mighty quiet now

keeping something in full view.


“It’s beautiful,” said cocker puppy Joe

and the other puppies agreed

“It will make a wonderful clubhouse

it’s exactly what we need.”

Komondor Cooley Junior spoke up next

“We’re here for a whole day

we’ll fix our clubhouse up real nice

and have a good place to play.


We’ll get furs from my pa pa

to make our beds tonight

the elders will let us stay here

as long as we’re in sight.”


“That’s right,” said beagle puppy Maggie
"We’ll be all on our own

we’re gonna have lots of fun tonight

if they let us stay alone.”

Was poodle puppy Dumplin’s turn 

“Let’s gather what we need”

they all ran out together

each trying to take the lead.

"I'm telling you Ma, I heard all this

but please don't ask me how

I love overseeing the puppies though

especially times like now.

They're always planning something new

always busy having fun

that’s just the way we want it

their lives have just begun.


Soon enough through teaching

they’ll have to face our land

strong, proud, and fearless

with the rest of the pack they’ll stand."

The puppies had gathered

their odds and ends

to make their clubhouse great

the elders weren’t allowed in there

at the door they’d have to wait.

"As day went on, dusk came along

they came and joined the pack

they ate then told us elders

'We’re leaving but we’ll be back.'

They noticed not an elder budged

we acted like we didn’t care

of course we saw them leaving

for their clubhouse right over there.

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha"

The puppies walked off slowly

it was getting pretty dark

they could hardly see their clubhouse

should have left some kind of mark.


They made it to the front door

but didn’t rush to go in

by now they were pretty tired

wanting home and their “real” den.

The clubhouse was looking different now

kind of spooky one might say

how could it look like this now

it was beautiful all day!

They looked around at each other

what were they going to do

they didn’t want to go in there

then they heard Omar Blue.


This is the place you talked about

we weren’t to come in here

that’s right this is your clubhouse

I’ll go to sleep elsewhere.”

“No, no, no leader Omar

we’re not gonna make a fuss

you’re tired and you need your rest

so come lay down with us.”

I was smiling to myself, Ma

“How very nice of you, 

if it weren’t for your kindness

I don’t know what I’d do.

The little tykes smiled at me

then they jumped up for joy

no longer feeling tired

I was with them, boy oh boy!

I sat there Ma, and watched them

until their strength was gone

one by one they came to me

for an empty spot to lay on.

I had told the other elders

about my evening plans

so they could get in on it too

we're a pack of puppy fans.

In the morning when they woke up

I had already gone

their clubhouse was looking pretty again

what do you think went wrong?"
Omar had finished the story. All I could say was, "Wow." I had been mesmerized. Those K-9 Town puppies are always so entertaining, just like Omar Blue and the rest of his pack. 

This particular story can be found in Book 2 of my Omar Blue saga, Led By An Eagle.
For more of our "true tales," please join us again soon.
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Let It Rain, Let It Rain

The weekend is here but it's raining out. Ma said I could invite some of my friends over. Some of them have been asking me about K-9 Town and my pack, because they haven't been there yet. I'll be taking them soon. 
We were waiting for Spartacus and his little sis Athena Puddy. Aren't they sharp in their cute outfits.
"Go ahead in the room and get comfortable, you two." They visit often and love K-9 Town.
I'm running out to get my friend Bree. She's waiting for me after visiting some of our friends down in the hood.
"Maaaaa, make a big space!" 

Bree had our good friend Hertta with her. She came in and made herself right at home.  
I was able to pull Batdog away from patrolling Gotham and New York Cities. Look at how alert she is, waiting to hear about her K-9 Town friends. I take her there for a rest sometimes. They love her. Especially the females who make a fuss over her. They're so nurturing.
Just one missing. My friend Floyd is on his way. Here he comes now. I knew he'd find us.
"In here Floyd!"

The only one missing is my friend Crixus. He's babysitting his cute little brother Maddox. They're trying on their Halloween outfits to keep him busy. Cool stuff, huh. He's visits me and Ma often so he's okay with it.
"Next time Crixus!"
"We're ready Maaaaa!" She's in the kitchen getting the snacks. Here she comes. Now we can get started.....we're all comfy.

She wants to tell them how she worries about me when I'm gone. Oh boy! Not quite what I had in mind. It's okay though. Here goes......


 Omar would often tell me

Of walks he takes alone

While at his beloved K-9 Town

The reason was unknown.


He said he'd walk for hours

Sometimes be gone all day

To see what threats await his pack

Or to handle them his own way.


He says its just a thoughtful stroll

But I know that's not quite true

He's looking for signs of danger

I wish the others knew.


His pack would be right by his side

Rain, sleet, sun or snow

But then it wouldn't be that thoughtful stroll

So I guess they need not know.

Ma gets so mushy sometimes but my friends love her. At K-9 Town, they call her Ma O. She heard it first from Afghan Bee Bee. I could tell she liked it.
The rain has let up. Time to get everyone home safely.
Batdog offered to drop all of them off, on her way home. I know it's hard to believe, but she travels by her own rainbow. Ma says that's because what she does, always helping others, is so very important and special.
They said their goodbyes. All as happy as could be. Then off they went, encircled by the rainbow. 
Until next time.

A very special thanks to my old Facebook friends who never mind me including them in Omar's "true tales." And, to our new Facebook friends at Doberman Woooh Fanclub where you can meet those you haven't seen here before.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Authors Banning Together - How Cool Is That!

Ma is trying to help some of my friends again. I'll let her tell you about it.

Thank you Omar. As an author and poet, I'm so glad to be a part of this true venture of kindness with other authors who have the same intentions as me. What are our intentions? To do everything within our meager powers, to help as many animals find loving homes and kindness, as possible.

The finished product is all we hoped it would be.

"Read for Animals #2" is a compilation of stories and poems with pictures and phrases that will delight and entertain. Now available in e-book and paperback, we hope you will consider purchasing a copy.

Purchases can be made through GoldenBoxBooks Publishing,, Barnes & Noble, etc., keeping in mind that all proceeds will be donated to Rescue Centers for Animals in the US and UK.

There is nothing I like better than feeling that I am helping to change the lives of unfortunate animals, because as we all know, they can't help themselves.

I get carried away at times, writing about how I wish things could be. I live my fantasy through my Doberman, Omar Blue, his fictitious pack and the town they have started, K-9 Town, USA.

I tell one of these stories in "Read for Animals #2," "Omar Blue and the K-9 Underground."
In this short story, Omar and his pack have gone beyond rescue. They are offering their way of life, love and happiness to all the canines they rescue and those that can find a way to contact or get to them. I hope you will get to read my story and the other contributions to this wonderful undertaking.

Someone asked me how I got started with my writings, so further to the aforementioned, and since I was enjoying this immensely, I continued.
In my early years I never thought about being an author. I'd write poetry and stories, but only for my own reading and enjoyment. Until, my older sister Beatrice got very ill. Throat cancer.

One Sunday afternoon while visiting (she was staying with another sister who is retired,) I read a short story to her that I had written about my dog Omar Blue. It was in verse and she liked it very much.
I started adding to the story and every Sunday after that my other two sisters, me and my nieces would get together and I would read what I had added on during the week. My sister Bea loved it, the "book" (as it turned into) and the attention, of course.
I'm very happy to say that I was able to finish it and did my best reading, before she passed away, because I dedicated the last chapter to her.
The character was Bee Bee the beautiful Afghan Hound that became Omar Blue's love interest. I gave Bee Bee my sister's personality and it was obvious. Bea smiled as I read.
She was very weak by then but there was no doubt that she appreciated this and the fact that we were with her, showing our love for her.
The name of my first novelette was, "Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA." I've since written another in what is now my Omar Blue Saga, "Led By An Eagle," and I am working on my first novel that will not be in verse, "The Takeover."
I have a very unique blog, as I mentioned above with quite a few visitors.
Not including one of my current posts about my darling daughter's wonderful wedding last weekend, it's about Omar Blue, his pack and "our" adventures. Yes, they do drag me into them sometimes. Hope you'll visit us too. We're easy to find.



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Daughter Joy's Wedding Day

My baby girl got married
It was such a lovely day
The sun outside was shining bright
Leading us all the way
As we waited for the time to come
When she'd walk down the aisle
So many things about to change
In just a little while
When they stood in front of the preacher
I could swear I saw some tears
Tears of joy for we all knew
This bond would last for years
Then the time came to eat and be merry
She danced the night away
With the groom looking on
As the memories were born
Surely this was his luckiest day.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


I'm honored to tell you, I've been asked to join several other animal loving authors and poets in publishing an Anthology of pet stories. Needless to say, that was right up my alley and in addition, "all" proceeds will go to animal shelters in the US and UK. The name of the book is Read For Animals #2 and it is now published on Amazon Kindle at a price of only $2.99, for anyone who might be interested.

The wonderful stories and poems are unique. You may even notice the differences in writing styles between countries.

Some of the stories will make you laugh, some will make you cry. Some, like mine, will have you wondering, as I hope they normally do, "What if.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Omar Blue and King Cat Sateer

It seems so long ago, considering all that has happened since, that my Omar Blue decided to let me in on his other life. I still ask myself, how I could not have known, with so much going on around me.

One evening, not long ago, Omar came in from visiting one of his best friends, King Cat Sateer. Yes, King “Cat” Sateer.

I asked how the King Cat was doing and that brought to mind our first meeting with him. I was at their first meeting. As a matter of fact, it took place right here.

In the calmness and comfort of our living room, everything stopped (except his nibbling,) as we started to reminisce. I’ll never forget that night……

A scratching sound came from the direction of the door. I got up to see what had made it. Omar at my side, I opened the door and was surprised to see a large Sphinx Cat glazing up at me.

He said, “I’m King Cat Sateer. I would like to talk to Omar Blue of K-9 Town.”

I understood every word. Omar has many visitors now, but then, it was very unusual.

The hairless Sphinx Cat was standing as proud and regal as could be. Not a trace of fear. He and Omar looked each other in the eyes, then Omar looked at me.

I knew they needed privacy so I pointed upstairs and off they went.

I went running for the camera. A habit I still have today, because if I didn’t give you pictures, you probably wouldn’t believe a word I tell you.

They weren’t gone long but when they came down I could see that something big had just happened.

Omar later told me why King Cat Sateer had come……

My name is Sateer

I’m the Elder cat there

in the land we both hold so dear.

I come to you

there are things we must do

as my loved ones are living in fear.


I’ve heard as the leader of K-9 Town

you’re as wise

and as fair as can be.


We both know we’ll never

call ourselves friends

but allies, why not, you and me.


Omar looked in his eyes

he could see no disguise

Sateer was both brave and wise too.


So he made it quite clear

there’d be nothing to fear

“But start trouble

I’m coming for you.”


This was the beginning

though neither knew

of a friendship forever strong.


In the years to come

they would form a bond

in a land where they both belong.


The two wise leaders become more to each other than they dared to imagine at that first meeting. An example will be found in Book 3 of my Omar Blue Saga, “The Takeover,” which will be ready for publication late this Fall.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Omar Blue And A Dog Called Horse

I was busy doing as little house cleaning as I could get away with, wanting to get out in the fresh air.

Omar was complaining because I wouldn't let him out until he put his bones away. I caught him trying to sneak out the back door. I could tell by the way he was dressed in his cap and bling, he was on his way to the hood to see some of his buddies.

"Oh no you don't!" I told him. Bones away first."

Off he went into his room to hide more bones. He thinks I'm as fond of bones as he is but at least that gets them out of the middle of the floor.

I was silently laughing as he walked away. Then it came! One of those sounds that always sends mixed feelings through me. A low bark.

Omar had dashed from his room before I even heard it. "Ma, I'll be right back," he said as he ran by me.

Of course, I ran straight for the window.

Oh no! It was Freedom Dog and he was pacing.
I just love Freedom but he hardly ever comes unless there is a big problem. I could tell this was the case from their body language.
When Omar came back in he was moving fast. He was no longer my baby boy, he was Omar Blue, pack leader.
"I gotta go, Ma," he said. "They got A Dog Called Horse."
"Oh no!" was all I could get out.
A Dog Called Horse was the nicest super large dog you'd ever want to meet. We call him Horse for short.

Omar said, "He found a place where puppies were being abused; instead of waiting for Freedom as they had planned, he went by himself. He got caught and they took the puppies back too.
I told Freedom to take some of the K-9 Town pack with him. They'll get the puppies.
I'm taking some of the others. We're going after Horse. Don't worry Ma, I'll be back as soon as we get him."
Oh my gosh! I had to go too. Maybe I could help. I grabbed my camera (habit) as I called upon my Mojo to work. Thank goodness it did.
When I came out of my Mojo trance, I was in an unfamiliar place, on a street I'd never seen before. I don't know how much time had passed and I have to admit I was a little afraid that getting home wouldn't be as easy.
There were other people on the street, all looking in one direction.
It didn't take long to see why!
I started hearing dog noises and from around the corner they came. I recognized my K-9 Town pooches instantly, running fast, with A Dog Called Horse in the lead. They had got him, just like Omar said they would. But now they were being chased.
I didn't like the fact that Omar was in the very back, knowing what a fast runner he is. He had told me once before, that's how he made sure none of his pack were left behind. He's such a good leader.
Though the rider after them was fast, somehow Omar and his pack out-distanced him. I'd never seen anything like it. Their feet were barely touching the ground as they ran by.
I'm still wondering where this place was. It looked and felt so strange.
After Omar Blue and his pack had passed, I waited until I saw their chaser return without them to call on my Mojo to get me back home. I was trying to be cool but was very relieved when I got back.
It was then that I could look back on what had happened. Wow! What an adventure.
Omar came home a little later. His friends dropped him off with his assurance that he would be following shortly.
When he came in, I asked about A Dog Called Horse and the puppies. He said Horse was fine and he had promised he would never do anything like that again. "His heart is always in the right place, Ma, but he's a little hard-headed sometimes."
At that, I said to myself, "Look who is talking." 
He said the puppies were safe and already enjoying the loving care of the K-9 Town females. We both knew, Freedom and the others would leave no stone unturned until they found the puppies and got them to K-9 Town.
As Omar started to leave to catch up with his pack, I asked, "Weren't you supposed to be putting your bones away?"
We both laughed out loud, as he broke into a run.
I watched, as I always do, as he caught up with the others, on that path behind my house that somehow leads to K-9 Town. They were whooping it up, talking about what they had just done, then they were gone.